Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions that potential clients ask. We hope that the questions and answers listed below will help you to become just a little more acquainted with our team, philosophy, values and experience.



DotNpixel is a full service design and technology firm. We are your one-stop solution for all of your web design needs. We design beautiful and robust websites and applications, and we provide all of the accessories like blazing fast hosting, and our easy-to-use content management system,.

Additionally, we provide consultation services to clients that are struggling in their efforts to quantify their specific needs, identify effective strategies and execute new initiatives in terms of web design.



Absolutely. While dotnpixel is proud to partner with large companies, we work with small businesses and business start-ups every day. In fact, we estimate that 40% to 50% of our clients are small and start-up size businesses. We have design and technology solutions for most any size budget.


CAN I TRUST DotNpixel?

This is a reasonable question that we occasionally hear from new clients. This question is frequently followed up with a real-life horror story in which the prospective client was mistreated by a previous developers.

You can see for yourself what some of our clients have said. Our team has been trusted over and over again by CEO's, Presidents, Marketing Directors, and Principals of leading companies and organizations.

If you're still a skeptic, then we encourage you to try us out on a smaller project in which your perceived risk is perhaps more manageable. Allow our team to earn your friendship and trust at a pace that's acceptable to you.